How We Work

The Three R’s

Responsiveness – Our approach is highly personalized because we work with only a few clients at a time. We value quality, not quantity. We'll invest the time to learn how to drive the culture, values and spirit of your organization to prospective candidates.

Research – We are designed to quickly activate the best people for you. Our practice is built on information networks, custom research methods and online tools to deliver results.

Results – We deliver the best candidates.

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The Search Process

Each search is unique. Our custom approach begins with a consultation to determine our business partners’ needs, including company culture. Working in partnership with our clients toward a common goal drives our track record of outstanding results.

Our caseload of active searches is limited to a number of assignments that allows us to be intensely focused, and relentless about results.

Clients work directly with Amy Friedman and Ivey Gianetti.