“Amy is one of the most effective executive recruiters in my network, with a unique and highly beneficial set of skills, among them, “listening“. She's able to thoughtfully understand where potential candidates are best suited for both professional and personal opportunities and has an extensive network with high-quality people and firms. She goes far beyond “recruiting“ with a personal coaching approach that often provides very insightful feedback.” – Ross Bratlee, CFO, Undercar, BBB Industries

“I have been working with Amy for over 10 years recruiting Sr. level talent to fill openings in all functions of the organization. Amy has a strong personal network which allows her to provide candidates from varying industries and all levels of the organization. Her work has always been very focused and she prides herself on working closely with the organization to clearly define the role, as well as the competencies needed to be successful in the role. She has a great nose for talent and definitely knows what Executive level talent looks like.” – Mike Bontempo, VP HR, Emerson Industrial Automation

“I have partnered with Amy on numerous assignments during the past 15 years, starting when I was at GE. What I love about Amy is her ability to adapt to virtually any situation and deliver results. Even if she has never done a particular type of search before, she quickly figures it out and finds the right candidates. She is all business and extremely focused when she needs to be, but she also has a great sense of humor and it’s fun to work with her. I am a big fan!” – Tom Ruderman, CHRO, Active International, Active International

“Amy is well known within our worldwide network for sourcing and placing top level candidates that have it all; candidates with name brand educations with fast track careers employed by well-known and respected companies. I believe she is successful because she works hard, and just as importantly, with integrity. I'm honored to be affiliated with Friedman Associates.”

“I have worked as a business partner with Friedman Associates since 1995. During that time I have marveled at their ability to understand their clientele and strive for excellence in filling clients' needs. I would highly recommend them to any blue chip company or candidate that is considering utilizing their services.”

“They're as professional as they come. They understand where the hiring manager is coming from, highly strategic in culling candidates and have the insight to present only the right ones for the best fit.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with the dynamic staff of Friedman Associates since 1996. I have absolute trust and confidence in the quality of their work as well as their professionalism. They align themselves with only the highest respected client companies and candidates. I am proud to have them as partners and friends.”

“In today's society and business world, it is very comforting to know that there are still some professional recruiters that still hold high ethical standards. In discussing matters and positions, I know Friedman Associates will keep these discussions confidential and work honestly and diligently to the best of their abilities. It has been an extreme pleasure to know them for several years.”

“I have worked with Amy Friedman on numerous high-level searches over the past several years and consider her one of the finest recruiters in our industry. She is very professional, very focused on the needs of the client as well as the needs of the candidates and work with honesty and integrity. Amy provides a personal approach which everyone appreciates.”

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